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Armed & Unarmed Guarding Services

Securing your staff, assets, investments and operations against all risks

We are a leading provider of Uniformed Armed and Unarmed Guarding Services in Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana. Our team can respond quickly to your needs, as we have a ready network of knowledgeable experienced professional security guards. Clients can trust our workforce and our security services in Guyana, as our guards have been through stringent vetting and recruitment processes, backed up by intensive training and development capacity-building programs. Our guarding service in Trinidad & Tobago is also supported by a 24-hr Customer Emergency Hotline.

We also provide Security Guard Mobile Patrol and Rapid Emergency Response services for residences and businesses. Our Units respond quickly and effectively. They are the first on the scene to assess the security threat and mitigate potential dangers. Mobile patrols can be deployed at regularly scheduled intervals, and/or random patrols can be used to deter criminal activities when least expected.

PPSL also provides specialised Executive/VIP Bodyguard Services. These personal protection security services can be sourced on contract or for impromptu engagements. Our Bodyguards are highly trained, armed or unarmed, uniformed or plain clothed; they are extremely resourceful, forward-thinking and always planning ahead, so our clients can focus on their business.

We work with our guarding services clients to firstly reduce the possibility of threats by creating a custom guarding services plan. Officers with the appropriate skills

and training are matched and oriented with respect to the client’s requirements, risks and vulnerabilities. They are then dispatched with Supervisors in attendance for the first week to ensure high standards of operations are
established and maintained. Our team conducts random site inspections at every location on a rotating basis.

PPSL’s offices are operated 24/7 by a Shift Supervisor, who also manages a fleet of Mobile Patrol & Rapid Emergency Response vehicles.

All our officers are between 18 to 55 years of age, medically and physically fit, have completed O’ levels or higher and have experience in law enforcement. Upon engagement, we conduct specialised mandatory refresher coaching and testing and we develop a career path for each employee which includes ongoing Mandatory Training, Required Hands-On Training, Regulatory Training (Company/Country) and On-the-Job Training.

Our specialised Energy Sector Security Guards undergo training that follows energy sector guidelines as outlined by STOW. Through our strategic alliance with Marine Safety (Training & Consultants) Ltd, our Ports & Maritime Sector Security Guards, also undertake specialised security seafaring courses which are internationally recognized and conform to STCW regulations: International Ship & Port Security (ISPS) Code, Port Facilities Security Officer with designated duties, Company Security Officer, Ship Security Officer Security, and Awareness Security Training.

Specialized armed and unarmed guard service is a necessity in many industries in Guyana. It covers several different types of businesses while delivering the same safety standard guarantee consistently to each client. Vigilance is our main focus. Our personnel are trained and skilled to stay alert and assess situations for potential risks throughout their shifts. All officers strive toward providing clear, concise communication with our clients at all times, ensuring full transparency and honesty.

It is our goal to reduce our clients’ risk through effective high-quality up-to-date security training of our workforce. Our employees must complete a customised rigorous training and development program, which covers all or several of the following competencies:

  • Baton Use & Safety
  • Communication
  • Effectiveness
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Customer Service
  • Defensive Driving
  • Disciplinary Action
  • Procedure
  • Emergency
  • Response
  • Emergency/Enviromental Response Plan Responders
  • Environmental Policy
  • Environmental Awareness & Responsibilities
  • Ergonomics
  • Fall Protection/Prevention (Slips, Trips & Falls)
  • Firearm Use
  • Fire Prevention & Fire
  • Extinguisher Training
  • First Aid & CPR
  • Hazardous Communication
  • HSE Leadership
  • HSE Policy
  • Incident Reporting & Investigations
  • Internal Auditing
  • Manual Handling
  • New Employee Induction
  • Observation Skills
  • OSH Act 2004 amended 2006, TT EMA 2000
  • Patrolling Tactics
  • Permit to Work
  • Personal Protective
  • Equipment (PPE)
  • Refusal To Work Policy & Procedure
  • Report Writing
  • Restraints & Controls
  • Risk Assessment/Job Safety Analysis
  • Safety Management System Manual
  • Security Techniques
    Stop Work Policy & Procedure
  • Sub-contractor Orientation
  • Substance Abuse Policy
  • Team Efficiency
  • Workplace Priority
Security Consultant

Security Consulting

Integrated customised strategic security management & operational solutions

We analyse clients’ security needs and propose solutions that are relevant, effective and practical. Our comprehensive security consulting services help you create a robust, secure environment, protecting your staff, assets and investments. Our security consultants have decades of experience advising public and private sector clients across a wide range of industries: Education, Health & Tourism, Energy & Utilities, Government, Industrial, Commercial & Construction, International, Ports & Maritime, Residential and Retail.

We firstly conduct full Security Risk & Vulnerability Assessments by identifying and cataloguing assets, identifying threats, conducting gap analyses, analysing internal controls, determining the likelihood an incident will occur, assessing the impact a threat would have, prioritising risks and designing controls.

The PPSL team then develops customised Operational Security Plans, which we Implement, Manage, Monitor and Review. We configure integrated security master plans with customised recommendations for training, products, equipment, systems and services.

We also develop security programs for marine facilities required to comply with the ISPS code.We conduct Audits, Exercises, Drills and Risk and Vulnerability Assessments to help clients in the Ports & Maritime Sector prepare for quarterly audits by the Trinidad & Tobago Coast Guard.

We provide security consulting services in Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago built around coordination and control. Our focus is our clients’ needs, and we work hand-in-hand to provide a comprehensive solution that centers around more than just access control or video surveillance.

Our full suite of security consulting solutions include Audits/Exercises/Drills, Risk & Vulnerability Assessments, Policy and Procedures Development, and Operational and Master Plans.

Security Management Person

Sale & Installation of Integrated Security Management & Operational Solutions

Trusted supplier of competitive modern high-tech security supplies

Through strategic supply chain relationships here and abroad, our supply chain team has sourced the best security control physical and electronic products, equipment and systems at competitive market prices. We have linkages with top-rated local, regional and international suppliers with large inventories giving us access to good retail and wholesale delivery terms and conditions, at stable prices. We only use products from internationally-recognized suppliers.

We start by conducting a free Security Risk &VuInerabiIity Assessment to determine the best product and equipment solutions for your firm. All physical and electronic components of our security systems are fully integrated, allowing you to manage and automate processes across the organisation.

Our team also provides product and equipment installation, and after-sales service support. Warranties are available. In addition, we have the expertise to source the most appropriate security solutions for your organisation, where specific equipment is not immediately available.

Our product lines include but are not limited to:

  • Alarms,
  • Biometric and Magnetic Locks and Bolts,
  • CCTV Systems, and
  • GPS for

Our Sector


Building a secure environment for citizens and visitors

PPSL can protect your: primary, secondary and tertiary public and private schools, public and private healthcare facilities, hospitals, hotels and guesthouses. Our guarding workforce undergoes intense customer service and communication skills training, ready to interact professionally with your clients. You can count on us to make the vulnerable — the sick and elderly, schoolchildren and visitors to our country feel safe.

Security Sectors
“PPSL has been providing security services to our establishment. During this period the officers have performed their duties with professionalism and diligence. I have no hesitation in recommending the organisation as a fit and proper security company”
Benjamin Alleyne
Managing Director Arima
Diagnostic Clinic
“I have been using PPSL to secure my premises since 2010 and have always been satisfied with their performance. They do an excellent job, are always punctual, and offer the most competitive rates. They have been very reasonably priced and always do what is asked of them”
Ansel Aubin
Managing Director
Marine Safety (Training & Consultants) Ltd 


Securing Government assets and operations

The protection of critical assets and infrastructure is a priority for investors and governments. PPSL is equipped to serve private and public sector energy institutions, and utility companies working
in complex technical environments. We adhere to stringent HSE requirements and often exceed industry best practice standards.
As a security management contractor providing services to the energy sector, PPSL is Safe TO Work (STOW) certified. This certification substantiates that our HSE management systems are superior, which equates to a reduction in incidents/accidents and downtime for our clients.

Marine Protection
“As the second largest Dry Docking Facility in the country, we support Trinidad & Tobago’s energy sector activities. We are regularly audited by the local Coast Guard to ensure we meet all International Ship & Port Security (ISPS) code requirements. Hired in 2008, PPSL conducted structural as well as procedural security improvements for our facility, ensuring that we exceed regulatory standards. Thus far we have had near zero incidents, positioning us favourably with local law enforcement agencies and our clients”
Derek Williams
Vice President – Operations
Maritime Preservation Ltd


Critical infrastructure is safe in our hands

PPSL supplies security management solutions for government buildings
and state enterprises. Our team of highly skilled and experienced security management professionals conduct Risk and Vulnerability Assessments, identify gaps and put forward recommendations to secure our nation’s assets and ensure the safe secure operations of government’s business.

Energy & Utilities
“Crime – particularly violent crime — is pervasive in the Caribbean and imposes a serious economic and social burden on countries in the region. An average of 40% of the population identifies crime and security-related issues as the overarching problem facing their countries”
Unleashing firowth and Strengthening Resilience in the Caribbean, 2017, IMF Publication
Authors: Krishna Srinivasan, Inci Otker, Uma Ramakrishnan, Trevor Alleyne


Constructing a safe environment for business operations

PPSL provides management and operational specialist security services for industrial, commercial and construction offices, factories and plants. We design and implement integrated security solutions, drawing on our experience and capability, to protect our clients’ diverse assets. Our team is trained to the highest HSE standards and is ready to work in commercial and manufacturing environments.

Industrial, Com Mercial & Construction
“PPSL has provided baton security officers for our company since 2010, and we are very satisfied with their service. Officers arrive to work on time, and they are well-disciplined and courteous to our customers and staff. Supervisors also visit regularly to perform quality checks”
Avian Soobrattee
Managing Director
Quality Electric Sales 4 Service Ltd


Working abroad, we protect your assets in the Caribbean

With more than 100 years of experience, including with national police and defence forces, our team works one-on-one with international clients who are unfamiliar with the region’s security landscape. We address challenging strategic security issues by developing and implementing a comprehensive approach to preparing for and responding to security incidents. We protect international companies with local stores, offices and factories, as well as foreign delegations and embassies requiring specialist security support.

Security At Subway
“PPSL has been providing security services to Prestige Holdings for more than two years. They operate with a high level of professionalism that is required by the organisation and have received many commendations from our stores”
Jovan Abraham
Fleet & Security Manager
Prestige Holdings Ltd (international franchises)


Protecting our borders and vessels

PPSL has secured passenger ships, marine vessels, marinas, yachting areas, and private and public ISPS-mandated ports for more than a decade, without incident and to the highest regulatory standards. We are a qualified provider of ISPS port security management services, leveraging our strategic alliance with Marine Safety (Training & Consultants) Ltd. Our port and maritime clients repeatedly trust us to deliver on time, within budget and to the highest service and quality standards.

Ports & Maritime
“PPSL is one of the very few security companies in Trinidad and Tobago, and the Caribbean region to offer security services that meet and exceed the International Ship & Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code”
Wilfred de Gannes
Blackjack Marine


Residential protection is your frontline defence

PPSL provides residential security services for private homes, gated communities, townhouses and private estates. We can set up and maintain security systems for your premises without impacting your lifestyle and comfort. Our guards are trustworthy, reliable and dependable, having completed rigorous screening, recruitment and training programs. Residential protection is a frontline defence and deterrent. No one should feel vulnerable in their home.

private homes
“We have been using PPSL‘s guarding services for the past four years. They give us peace of mind that our family, home and belongings are professionally secured. The guards are always on time, reliable, trustworthy and helpful. PPSL delivers value for money alongside exceptional customer care”
Private Residence


Shopping in a safe, secure world

PPSL develops and implements tailored security solutions for bars, groceries, pharmacies, warehouses, restaurants, department stores, wholesale clubs and shopping malls. We protect your employees, customers, and premises, so you can concentrate on your day-to-day operations. Our guarding workforce has been trained in customer service and communication skills, ready to professionally represent your brand. Customers shop where they feel safe.

Client-Focused Security
“PPSL has provided our restaurant with security services since November 2011. The security officers provided have always been respectful towards our guests and always willing to assist in any favour we may ask of them. In terms of customer service, PPSL is always quick to resolve any issue as soon as they are notified of the situation”
Joseph Habra
Joseph’s Restaurant


We work with clients across industries, providing them with superior security services in Guyana and Trinidad & Tobago. Residential to commercial and even government, we are ranked among the best security companies in Guyana that can correctly cover and assess risks, preventing crime from affecting you. Our mission is to offer preventative measures that will support your needs. Our focus remains on you ‒ our client. Contact us to learn more about what we do and how we can protect you. 

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