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WE PROTECT: Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Marine

Michael D.Burke

Port Protection Service Ltd (PPSL) is a leading independent security solutions provider in Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana. In existence for more than 15 years, collectively our senior management team has more than 100 years’ experience developing and implementing private and public sector security solutions. At PPSL we focus on delivering 3 high value security solutions:

  • Armed & Unarmed Guarding including Security Guard Mobile Patrol, Rapid Emergency Response and Executive/ VIP Bodyguard Services,
  • Security Consulting – all aspects from Risk & Vulnerability Assessments to Security Management Proposals & Recommendations, and
  • Sale and Installation of Integrated Security Products, Equipment & Systems.

Our clients range from single private residences to securing a chain of international franchise restaurants. We work across all sectors, from customer oriented to highly complex technical sectors:

  • Education, Health & Tourism,
  • Energy & Utilities,
  • Government,
  • Industrial, Commercial & Construction,
  • International,
  • Ports & Maritime,
  • Residential, and
  • Retail.

Why PPSL? Weare a fully accredited recognised Protective Service Agency in Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana. We work according to the industry standards set out by the national security laws of Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana, and are fully compliant with local Occupational Health & Safety Acts. Quality control is embedded across all our operations, and we are Safe TO Work (STOW) certified by the Energy Chamber of Trinidad & Tobago. For more than a decade, a leading shipyard client outsourced the International Ship & Port Security (ISPS) compliance aspect of its operations to us. As a result we are also a qualified provider of International Ship & Port Security(ISPS) services. We are covered by millions of dollars in insurance in order to protect your assets as well as ours.

Our intensive mandatory training programme ensures that our workforce of more than 75 security officers are highly skilled and ready to manage every security challenge. Our guards are also trained in soft skills such as communications and customer service.

PPSL’s leadership team includes former members of the police and defence force as well as private sector professionals with decades of experience in law enforcement.

Our clients say that we deliver value for money and exceed their expectations every time. What sets us apart from the competition is our exceptional customer service, we are: reliable, dependable, skilled, knowledgeable, experienced, and trustworthy. Hear what our clients have to say in this profile, as we share unsolicited testimonials across all sectors and services.

“PPSL has been providing security services to Prestige Holdings for more than two years. They operate with a high level of professionalism that is required by the organisation and have received many commendations from our stores”

Jovan Abraham
Fleet & Security Manager
Prestige Holdings Ltd

My team at PPSL and I, stand ready to devise integrated customised security solutions to protect your employees, facilities, stock and investments in Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana. Get in touch with us now to arrange your free Security Risk & Vulnerability Assessment, and learn how PPSL can ensure the safety of your customers and assets. 

Facts & Figures

Our Values

At PPSL, we “Stop Crime EveryTime”. This is more than a slogan, it is our pledge to deliver reliable effective crime prevention solutions.
  • Client Focused: We exceed our clients’ expectations every time by delivering exceptional high quality security solutions. From initial risk and vulnerability assessments to implementation of security plans and recommendations, our clients’needs are our only focus.
  • Experienced & Knowledgeable: We are managed by a team of highly skilled security professionals, with specialised law enforcement expertise and more than 100 years collective experience in public and private sector security administration.
  • Integrity-based: We are trustworthy, confidential and follow through on our commitments, holding ourselves accountable and responsible for our actions. We engage in open honest communication with all clients.
  • PartnershipAIigned: We have excellent working relationships with national and regional security agencies, partnering to exchange information, thus contributing to enhanced strategic national and regional security.
  • People Centred: We undertake rigorous screening and recruitment practices, as our workforce is our life-force. What sets us apart from competitors is our training arm which provides basic to advanced, technical professional security programmes for all employees.
  • Performance Motivated: We deliver results for our clients through compliance with the highest operational standards. Our team is known for its reliability and dependability. You can count on us to successfully fulfil all our safety and security commitments to your firm.
  • Safety Driven: We work to the highest levels of Health, Safety and Environmental standards, in accordance with local laws and industry best practices. Our clients and employees safety are of paramount importance to the operations of our business.
Security Monitoring

Our History

Established in 2005 in response to the growing security needs of the maritime sector, Port Protection Service Ltd (PPSL) is a privately- held limited liability company registered in Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana.

Founded by Michael Burke, a former Sea Captain and CEO of several international maritime organisations, and Charles Frederick, ex-Defence Force Corporal and Police Inspector. Collectively, they have more 50 years experience in the security industry and a wealth of knowledge in security

administration and management, criminology, criminal investigation, loss prevention, health, safety & the environment, along with specialist expertise in port security management.

Commencing with Guarding Services and Security Consulting (Risk Assessments and Audits) in the Ports & Maritime sector, PPSL expanded in 2009 to also serve Construction, Healthcare, Industrial & Commercial, Residential and Retail clients.

In 2019, we began providing Guarding Services for a large number of Prestige Holdings Ltd restaurants, the leading restaurant management company in the Caribbean. That year, we also expanded our Rapid Emergency Response Unit by adding 3 vehicles, and opened a Sub-Office in Guyana to support the increasing needs of that market due to its significant oil and gas discoveries.

Today, we operate across the Education, Health & TouriSm, Energy & UtilitieS, Government, InduStrial, Commercial & Construction, International, Ports &Maritime, Residential and Retailsectors. As we continue to grow, in 2021 we are launching 3 new services: Armed Guarding Services, Specialist STOW-certified (Safe-TO-Work Energy Sector Certification) Energy Security Services, and the Sale and Installation of Integrated Security Products, Equipment & Systems.

Milestone Sheet


Michael D. Burke

Mr.Burke has had a distinguished maritime and law enforcement career spanning almost 30 years in engineering, project management, regulatory compliance, security management, and vessel management and maintenance. He is a licensed Surveyor accredited International Safety Management (ISM) Auditor, an International Ship & Port Security (ISPS) Company Security OGcer and a member of IATA. He also has a Captain License with +7 years sea time. Mr. Burke has also completed several programmes from NEBOSH and Lloyd’s Maritime Academy.

Michael D. Burke
Chairman, Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana Managing Director, Trinidad & Tobago

Charles Frederick

Having served in the Defence Force of Guyana for several years, Mr. Frederick attained the rank of Corporal, before joining the Guyana Police Force. There he worked in the Loss Prevention Section of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID). He spent the majority of his law enforcement career at the Police Training School, eventually attaining the rank of Inspector. He has completed several para-military courses. Mr. Frederick holds a Diploma in Security Administration & Management, and a Certificate in Criminology.

Charles Frederick 
Managing Director, Guyana

Ryan Frederick

Starting in telecommunications more than 15 years ago, Mr. Frederick has also worked in minerals and mining, housing, academia, transportation, health, food & beverage, maritime and law enforcement. He has a Diploma in Computer Science and is a certified Global Technology Technician. More recently, he undertook the STCW 2005 Marine Safety Training & Consultancy, and the International Ship & Port Security (ISPS) Level 1 and 2, Marine Safety Training and Consultancy programmes.

Ryan Frederick
Operations Manager

Choy Mascall

With +15 years‘ senior HSE management experience, Mr. Mascall has worked in the construction, ship repair, energy and maritime sectors. He is highly skilled having completed numerous OSHA programmes. He is also a certified ISO 9001-14000 Internal Auditor. He has a NEBOSH Certificate in the Management of Health and Safety. In 2006 during his tenure at Home Construction Ltd as a QHSSE Advisor on The Renaissance Towers, Shorelands Project, he was recognised for achieving 500,000 man hours with no injuries and no lost time incidents.

Choy Mascall
Health & Safety Manager

Keri Diaz

Mr. Diaz has had an illustrious law enforcement career, having spent almost 20 years as a Sergeant with the Trinidad & Tobago Police Service, 10 of which were with the Guard & Emergency Branch specialising in Crowd Control, Riot Suppression, Survival Skills, Field Craft and Firearms. He also completed the Level 1 Investigators Course at the SAUTT Specialist Crime Academy of Trinidad & Tobago in association with the New Scotland Yard Crime Academy.

Keri Diaz 
Administrative Manager 

Our Licenses & Accreditation

PPSL operates according to the highest security industry standards. We are a fully accredited and recognised Protective Service Agency in Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana. Our certification includes:

Licensed by the Trinidad & Tobago Ministry of National Security to operate as a Protective Service Agency under the Supplemental Police Act Chapter 15:02 of the laws of Trinidad & Tobago. We are also licensed by the Ministry of National Security in Guyana.

PPSL is Safe TO Work (STOW) certified by the Energy Chamber of Trinidad & Tobago. This is a certification programme which assesses contractors’ HSE management systems, and substantiates that their HSE principles are superior and applicable to the energy industry.

We operate according to and often far exceed the industry standards set out in the Supplemental Police Act and the Firearms Act of Trinidad & Tobago, and the Police Act of Guyana.

For more than a decade, a leading shipyard client outsourced the International Ship & Port Security(ISPS) compliance aspect of its operations to us. As a result we are also a qualified provider of International Ship & Port Security(ISPS) services.

We are fully compliant with the Occupational Health & Safety Acts of Trinidad & Tobago and Guyana. This includes conducting mandatory inspections and audits, monitoring and maintenance.

We are covered by millions of dollars in insurance, protecting our employees, assets and operations, as well as our clients.

QuaIity control is embedded in our operations, we carry out regular site audits and quarterly client assessment feedback sessions to assess and improve our performance.

We are a member of ASIS International, a US-based global community of security practitioners. Through this membership, we keep abreast of changing technological and global trends in security solutions, for review and implementation where applicable within our operations.

PPSL operates
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