A leading independent security
solutions provider in Trinindad &
Tobago and Guyana

A leading independent security solutions provider in Trinindad & Tobago and Guyana

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Need Protection?

As a private security company, it is our goal to provide clientele with professional services needed to combat crime, deter vandalism and prevent assault. In doing so, we can build a relationship with each client based on trust, efficiency and value.

Specializing in residential, commercial, industrial and marine coverage, we are one of the leading accredited private security companies in Trinidad and Tobago dedicated to making a difference in crime prevention. Securing your loved ones, your property, or even your livelihood should never be a compromise. Our promise to you is always affordability, reliability and transparency. We always strive towards these values in our business, emphasizing just how important we take your safety.

Our vast experience has allowed us to work with clients in several areas, each with its own complexities and requirements. The protective solutions we provide have been developed to address safety concerns and security gaps and deter the possibility of threatening situations from arising. We account for all risks, now and in the future, that can cause potential harm, damage, or worse.

Our Clients

Our team is equipped to handle every threat, mitigate risks and assess environments thoroughly. Skilled in their respective fields, they are an important part of our operations and enhance our overall services provided to clients.

Our Team

Prospective clients want a security firm that can deliver on their promises in every way ‒ from having trained personnel to handle any situation, a reputable track record, and favorable testimonials. Our goal is always to work with integrity, to provide clients with exceptional service and to guarantee that we will always prioritize their safety. 

Our present clients can be certain that they will always interact with security guards who have the highest training and experience. Furthermore, they can be sure that our security systems are on par with global standards and provide increased responsiveness and handling. We aim to prevent loss of life and property in every instance, and we believe it is our responsibility to protect our clients from current and future risks. 

Port Protection Services provides our clients with assurance and peace of mind. The sense of security offered across our services is unparalleled in keeping you and your priorities safe and out of harm’s way.

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